We teach your child how to successfully manage their emotions.

Winner of 12 National Education & Parenting Awards and
The Association of American Publishers “Revere” Judges’ Award.

Is Emotional ABC's right for your child?

Let Moody help your child with:

School Readiness

The ability to self-soothe and work through emotions is essential for school readiness. It is the foundation for social & academic success.

Impulse Control

Children need simple tools in order to slow themselves down and identify what they are feeling before they take action.

Frustration and Acting Out

Children become frustrated when they can’t recognize their emotions or when they lack an emotional vocabulary to express themselves.

Program includes: 40-minute DVD, 5 Full color Activity Books, Moody Music CD, Moody Playing Cards, Moody Stickers & Emotional ABC’s Toolbar Magnet. (ages 4-8)

"Join the thousands of parents and teachers who are giving their children the essential skills for lifetime success."

Gavin Strumpman, Marketing Executive

New York, NY

“With Emotional ABC’s my kid changed from a confused and lonely kindergartner into a thriving first grader with a ton of friends.”

Marco Petruzzi, CEO

Green Dot Public Schools

“We serve over 10,000 middle and high school students in 18 schools. It is so important for children to develop a healthy method of dealing with emotional stress by middle school because strong teenage emotions can hijack a child's ability to maximize his/her learning potential. The Emotional ABC’s techniques are perfect for kids: easy to remember, easy to use, and they work!”

Gloria Marks, Dance Instructor

Newport Beach, CA

“My grandson was struggling with ADHD and impulse control issues. This program gave him simple skills that he uses every day to work through his feelings.”

Leisle Bartley, MSW, LCSW

New York, NY

“An absolute necessity for the ‘at risk’ children I have worked with and for everyone else! Emotional Intelligence is a basic life skill and the Emotional ABC’s shows both children and their parents what to do.”

John Reimers, The Brentwood School

Los Angeles, CA

“I've taught Middle and High School classes for over 20 years and I se e the huge difference between kids who have some emotional literacy skills and the kids who don’t. Children learn best when they can regulate their emotions and the Emotional ABC’s gives them tools to do so.”

Gail Gersowitz, Mystery Writer

Delray Beach, FL

“After yet another grocery store meltdown, I realized I didn’t have the knowledge or tools to teach my daughter emotional skills. Her teacher recommended Emotional ABC’s and it’s been great for both of us."


Give your child the tools they need now.

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